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On a Video Call


Our online classes are designed for those who are not able to attend classes on our school premises or those in need of a more flexible schedule. We have different online class curriculum to accommodate both children and adults.


During the first class, student(s) are evaluated to ensure proper placement in the level of proficiency via a free one-hour lesson. We work with electronic versions of the textbooks used in school, as well as other materials carefully selected to supplement the textbook and provide the best possible material comprehension.


The main emphasis is on the quality, not quantity of online lessons. The schedule and pace of learning is adapted to match the needs of each individual student.


Classes are structured in small groups for maximum comprehension of the studied material.


Class structure:

  • Class - 4 students (maximum number per class)

  • Semi- private lesson - 2 students

  • Private lesson - 1 student



Price is based on class size. Contact us for more information. 

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