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Letter from the founder


The idea for the school originated in 2010, but it took a while to make the conscious decision to bring my idea to fruition.  When I started this project, I did not fully realize what I was getting into. Although it was not easy to get the school going, the strong need and the support of the community kept me going.  As a mother of two children born in the US, I understand well the difficulties in the preserving of the Bulgarian identity among the children living abroad. The rapid implementation of this idea was the result of the acquired knowledge and skills from my business studies in the United States, my professional experience in corporate and international strategies and my contacts with other Bulgarian schools in the US.  However, the success of the school is attributed to the support of my family, the enthusiasm of the parents, and the help provided by many Bulgarian activists and patriots.


The establishment of the school is dictated not only by my view that from an early age Bulgarian children need to build a strong relationship with the Bulgarian language, culture and traditions, but also from my desire to build in our children lasting Bulgarian consciousness and pride of Bulgarian identity. I believe that Bulgarian children growing up abroad will be a driving force for progress and development of the Bulgarian state in the future.


The region of Northern California is home to some of the largest companies in the world such as Apple, Google, eBay, Facebook and the place where some of the most significant technical innovations were created. One day our children will be these creators, artists, inventors - the driving force of progress.   My sincere hope is that the Bulgarian school will instill in our children love for their heritage and will contribute to their future personal and professional development.


Ekaterina Borisova

Our Philosophy

Bulgarian School "Khan Asparuh" aims to provide highly qualified teachers, great infrastructure, and best support possible to those who want to learn Bulgarian and/or to get in touch with the rich Bulgarian culture and traditions.

Our History

Bulgarian school “Khan Asparuh” was founded on Apr 21, 2012. It is the only Bulgarian school in the Bay Area officially recognized and licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. In May 2012, the school was officially opened by the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev. About 60 children and many adults attend the school every year learning Bulgarian language, art, folk dance and singing. 

Our Mission

Bulgarian School “Khan Asparuh” strives to enlarge the Bulgarian community in Northern California by providing an environment where children and adults from multicultural backgrounds enjoy learning the Bulgarian language and becoming familiar with Bulgarian culture and traditions.

Our Vision

The school goal is to educate kids and adults, by instilling and keeping alive the love for the Bulgarian language, culture and traditions.  By providing variety of affordable classes, we strive to create a community and foster friendships while learning and having fun.  

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