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Earn your Global Seal of Biliteracy in Bulgarian

Registration is Now Open for ALTA Exams in Sunnyvale, CA & Phoenix, AZ.

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Taking the ALTA Exam at our School will award you the Global Seal in addition to the State Seal of Bi-literacy, recognized by many universities.

ALTA exams are often a prerequisite for access to many universities. The Global Seal of Bi-literacy is proof of your language proficiency in two languages. The program, which meets or exceeds the requirements of all existing U.S. state Seal programs, is separate and can serve all language learners of any age who meet the criteria regardless of how or where they acquired their language skills. Language credentials provide increased opportunities to multiple careers. Whether you’re a doctor, law enforcement officer or a student the Global Seal of Bi-literacy is for you! 

Who Can Take the Test?

Middle or high school students and any interested adults from the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Phoenix, Arizona.

ALTA Writing Proficiency:

The written test includes various tasks, such as writing a letter, giving an opinion, describing a rule of procedure, as well as grammatical structures, spelling/character selection. The evaluator (aka ALTA Testing Services) scores the writing based on expression, understanding of the given topics, grammar, vocabulary and spelling, and an overall score is assigned. 

ALTA Speaking and


Listening (IVR)

ALTA delivers this assessment via an automated, interactive voice response (IVR) system. One question is selected at random from a pool of similar questions, focusing on a particular linguistic task (e.g. narrating in the past tense), and the recorded question is played for the candidate. The candidate is given a specific period of time to respond to the question posed, and the response is digitally recorded.  

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