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Building Bulgarian language vocabulary through a fun, hands-on approach is the primary form of teaching here. Kids learn new words and are first introduced to the alphabet through visualiization. Fun games, art and music are an inseparable part of the education, allowing kids to build their motor skills while developing their social skills. 


This is the time when kids learn the alphabet and are introduced to tracing all of the letters. The goal is to get kids excited about the language while building the fundamentals required for successfully entering 1st grade. The program also focuses on building the kids' vocabulary and allowing them to express their thoughts in Bulgarian. Re-enacting fun stories, learning poems and songs is key part of the education. 


In first grade children study two subjects - Bulgarian Language and Social Studies. The focus in this grade is improvement of verbal communication, while constantly enriching kids' active vocabulary, properly constructing words and sentences, learning the alphabet, sounds and reading using syllables. Moreover, students get an introduction to correct spelling and grammatical rules of the Bulgarian language, allowing them to achieve the clarity and accuracy of expression.  The studies incorporate a variety of techniques which make learning more interesting: educational games, acting, visual aids and other. 


All four skills (listening, speaking, writing, and reading) are considered in this class. Students expand their skills in writing with dictations and simple paraphrasing. They play various educational games to deepen their knowledge of Bulgarian traditions and geography. The lessons focus on sentence structure, proper use of prepositions and adjectives endings, singular and plural forms of nouns, verb conjugations, nouns and pronouns, negation, questions and answers, modal verbs and verb tenses. Also included are practical activities, songs and poems.


Third graders read Bulgarian folk tales, folk songs, proverbs, riddles and other works of Bulgarian literature.  They improve their reading technique and expressiveness by reading and retelling. In this way students learn and maintain their native language.  At this grade, kids continue expending on their knowledge of grammatical rules and consolidating them, working in their school notebooks.  They write and discover their errors by using a spelling dictionary. At this level, students acquire their first knowledge of the history and geography of Bulgaria. The goal for 3rd graders is to improve students' fluency in speaking, writing and reading Bulgarian.


Bulgarian language training in fourth grade is directed at learning more about the Bulgarian history and continuous mastering of language skills. This grade is one of the most important grades in the students’ development as it serves as a review of all the key grammar and linguistic rules which the kids mastered in the previous grades. There is also added emphasis on paraphrasing longer stories and reading more complex texts. At this stage, students will deepen and systematize their knowledge of basic units in the linguistic system of the Bulgarian language rules and regulations.  

Bulgarian Folk Dance

"Bulgarian dance - this is a school where refined folk perform poetry" - Dimitar and Konstantin Miladinovi. Bulgarian folk dance is a source of energy for Bulgarians and a way to save their nationality for thousands of years. Our school provides children the opportunity to learn traditional Bulgarian folklore dance along with reading and writing, immersing the kids into the Bulgarian culture in a way they will experience it living in Bulgaria. Children who are more avid and devoted to the Bulgarian rhythms get the opportunity to stage perform with our children’ folk formation "Voditsa."  Classes are a great way to develop coordination, balance and social skills. Open for all children 6 years and above.

Bulgarian Folk Singing

Every Bulgarian must be proud of the traditions of his/her people, save them, store them and transmit them to the future generations. One way is through Bulgarian folk songs that are not only a source of Bulgarian culture and history, but a preservation of the spirit and lifestyle of the Bulgarian ancestors. In this class, children learn songs from all folklore regions and master a vocal technique which is characteristic of folk singing. Class is open to all ages 5+.


The art class aims to give children access to a variety of techniques in applied and fine art.  It also introduces them to the Bulgarian traditions and customs.  Drawing and painting is a relaxing and enjoyable process which create skills for monitoring and analysis of objects.  An individual approach allows access for children of all ages and levels.

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