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Bulgarian Language for Adults

Instructor: Kiril Havezov 


The class for adults is designed for English speakers who want to study the Bulgarian language. In class, work emphasizes both the grammar and the practical application of the language in everyday conversational situations. We work with a textbook for English speakers, which allows additional independent work. The main emphasis in this class is quality, not quantity of lessons. The pace of learning is entirely commensurate with the students being able to reflect on and adopt new knowledge. Although the class is attended primarily by people who are married to Bulgarians, led by the desire to learn the language of their partners, the lessons are suitable for people who just want to learn a new language. The Bulgarian language is the oldest written Slavic language; works of Bulgarian language were written in the late ninth century. The learning of Bulgarian is a unique opportunity not only to get acquainted with a new language, but also to learn about the culture, history and customs of Bulgaria, the oldest European country which has retained its name until today.

Bulgarian Folk Dance

Instructor: Yuliyan Yordànov


This class started as a way for children' parents  from the school to socialize, learn Bulgraian folklore dances and have fun while their children attend Sunday school. Over time, the class attracted other people from the community, who want to experience the Bulgarian dance and traditions. Class is open to all ages, levels and nationalities. Come to do your cardio, lern some fun Bulgarian dances, meet some interesting people and get to know more about Bulgarian folklore, history and traditions.



Bulgarian Folk Singing

Instructor: Maria Bebelekova


Bulgarian folk song captures the history, traditions and culture of the Bulgarians for centuries. After coming to this class you will be enchanted with the magic of the diversity of rhythms and melodies. You will become familiar with songs and their specific ornaments from all Bulgarian folklore regions.  You will master your vocal and breathing technique. The class is open for all ages and levels.

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